Monday, May 07, 2007

Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!)

Today is the day - official publication day, that is. I said that I would put up a poem every day this week from the novel (it's a verse novel) so here goes.

A lot of the time
I feel like I must be adopted
or my brain got wired wrong
or I’m secretly an alien
(but they didn’t tell me).

I don’t fit
in my family
or at school,
I have friends
but sometimes even they
think I’m weird.

I say dumb things
I wear stupid clothes
I can’t make my hair behave
some days the whole world
looks wrong to me.

I wish the space ship
would come back
and collect me.

(When I work out why the cover image isn't showing up, I'll post a link to the book on my site!)

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