Friday, May 11, 2007

Final Style Queen Poem

It's Friday so here we go:


in class we learn
a new word –
demographics –
it means who we are,
who’s different
or the same
and how many

14 girls and 12 boys
8 blondes, 2 redheads and 16 brunettes
9 different nationalities
16 love The Simpsons
only 5 admit they watch

I do my own demographics:
5 computer nerds
8 netballers
5 soccer players
2 bullies
1 teacher’s suck
4 style queens
and me.

That's it for poems. If you want to read a couple more or hear me reading some of them (strange how the audio file uploaded on my site but the #@*% cover image won't cooperate!), head along to my website.
Normal transmission on this site will resume shortly! In other words, I have a book to review.

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Tracey said...

Well, I could head to your website or even better buy the book! Then I can read all of them. :-)