Friday, August 01, 2008

Great Beginnings - Day Five

Here we are - it's time to look at your 200 words. I'm going to concentrate on posting them first - individually - and then I will come back and put my comments in.

What would be great is if you all comment too, and here are the key things I think you should look for:
* As the reader, do you understand what is going on? Who is in the story? Where and when it's taking place? In other words, are you "situated"?
* Do you think the tone is clear? Do you know what kind of book it's going to be?
* Are there plenty of hooks and story questions? Do you want to keep reading?
* If there is anything that didn't work for you, please tell us why (this is your job as a writer, as well as a reader - to understand why something didn't work for you).

Remember, too, that we all like different kinds of stories, so don't let your dislike of a certain genre stop you from considering these openings in terms of craft and key elements.
And I will try not to be too snarky!!

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