Thursday, August 23, 2007

Canberra Post

This is my third day in Canberra - second day of school visits. My voice is going OK, but at times I start to feel a bit croaky and have to try to talk with less volume! I hadn't realised how much I had got into the habit of shouting (or projecting, if you want to be nice about it). Most places I have been have had smallish rooms, or groups of kids sitting fairly close to me. In my normal classes, everyone sits miles away from me so I'm shouting across a wide space.
Last night I went to a panel session at the National Library - Bob Graham, Judy Horaceck and Gary Crew talking about "Inspiration and Intuition" - although, as Judy said, often ingenuity has to come into it as well. Once you get an idea, you then have to be quite ingenious as to what you do with it.
Gary mentioned he is currently writing his first adult novel (this is after more than twenty years of writing children's and YA novels) and he is finding it more difficult that he thought, especially in terms of character's voices. He also said that people often go to seminars or talks by writers, wanting to be writers themselves, and expecting that they will be "sprinkled with pixie dust" that will magically enable them to write a successful kid's book.
Oh, if only ... maybe I need to start looking for a pixie dust shop. Or at least a new voice shop.

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Tracey said...

There's something quite heartening about hearing such an accomplished writer as Gary Crew saying he's finding the transition difficult. Too many times people talk about how easy it is: oh, yes, they've just belted out another book -- in a different genre this time... Really, some of them make me sick. Maybe I need the pixie dust shop too!