Sunday, January 02, 2005

Spent an hour or so working on a character yesterday. EG provides a handy character checklist, most of which I have read before in other books, but when you get to the questions about what is the event that changes your character, and what is the event that best shows their personality - those are good questions!
I also like where you have to choose one sentence from your narrative that says something about the character - what often happens is you end up with a really good line that you can use in the novel, if you don't already have one.
I like being able to think about this novel and come up with new ideas. I'm reading some other historical stuff and picking up ideas about how I should approach setting and description, and also seeing what won't work for me.
Voice - the characters and their voices. EG has a great chapter on how the characters' voices and the voice of the novel should absolutely not be your own. I do think we each have our own style/voice thing going, but maybe I need to think about putting my own voice away more firmly and allowing the characters to speak.
I went to a remainders book sale today and picked up 3 books that might be useful - all kids books with lots of pictures to help me visualise and create my settings.
Ah, what it would be to actually travel to North and South Carolina and research on the spot. A great thing to dream about.

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