Friday, May 11, 2012

This ol' blog

You're right - I haven't posted here much over the past few months. That's because I have another blog/website that I've been putting a lot of energy into, but I hadn't forgotten this one. Oh no! I'm planning to blog here about a couple of great books I've been reading.

What is this other blog? It's about writing, of course. But it's a project I've been working on now for over a year. I wanted to start putting to use all the stuff I've been teaching over the past 20 years. My approach is tough, I admit that freely. In fact, the ebooks I'm working on are called Tough Guides. My past and present students will probably be nodding - that's how I am in the classroom.

Writing is a tough business. That's before you even get to the publishing part! That part is like a whirlpool at the moment, with everything swirling around and quite a few people thinking some of it might all go down the gurgler. My focus is the writing part. I see lots of people with talent - a little bit, a lot. Doesn't matter, because what matters is what you do with it. Talent without determination and discipline and hard work gives you nothing. But I've seen people with a bit of talent work their butts off and get published, and go on to a good career.

So my new website is ebooks4writers, and if you join my newsletter list (whereupon you will receive my newsletter full of interesting and useful stuff, next issue in a few weeks), you get a free copy of my first Tough Guide - The Tough Guide to Why You're Not Published Yet.
I think that gives you a fair idea of what I'm on about!

Over on that site, I am posting a heap of stuff for writers. My tagline is Resources for committed writers. I recently did a 4-part series on building great characters. At the moment, I'm running a whole month of writing prompts. Madness, but it's fun. If you're interested, pop over and have a look!

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