Sunday, April 29, 2012

May Writing Prompts - get on board!

Some of you might know that I have another blog and website these days (am I crazy? Probably!) I've been working on Ebooks4writers for over a year, and my aim is to publish, in one form or another, all the stuff I've been teaching in my creative writing classes for the past 20 years.

Most recently, I've posted a series on how to create great characters - the first one begins with the outside (then I look at aspects such as personality and psychology). And I'm giving away a free ebook called The Tough Guide to Why You're Not Published Yet.

Right now, I'm setting up a writing challenge for May. Anyone who emails me will get a fiction and a poetry prompt in their email InBox every day in May. That's 31 fiction writing ideas and 31 poetry writing ideas (and I'm throwing in some occasional children's story ideas for good measure).

Hop on over to the site for more information, or if you just want to sign up for your prompts now, email me at sherryl (at) ebooks4writers (dot) com. Looking forward to writing with you!


Sharon Welgus said...

The first prompt worked well for me. I wrote my first poem in ages!

Sherryl said...

That's great, Sharon! And I know you write good poems - I've heard them!

Creative writing prompts said...

Prompts are always useful :)

jacklin said...
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