Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hamline MFAC Count

9 rabbits, 7 squirrels.
74 writers.
74,692 words (I'm guessing).
20 workshops.
1 bookshop visit (so far).


Lorraine said...

You got your squirrel shot, Sherryl! Well done.
A most unusual cinquain but it says it all.

Sherryl said...

That's funny, Lorraine - are you sure you counted the syllables? :)
Yes, it was a very obliging squirrel indeed!

Lucia Nardo said...

I'm exhausted by both the fauna and the word count!

Snail said...

That'll never make a Christmas carol.

I'm glad that it's all turning out well. (Squirrel photos included.) That's a lot of words, but nowhere near enough bookshops.

Have fun!

sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Peter Pearson said...

If I mail you a squirrel, will you send me back a wallaby?

Sherryl said...

I wish I could say that those were the words I wrote! But I was guestimating everyone's put together.

Snail - managed four bookshops including a B&N, two great children's bookshops (one with a pet tarantula, chinchillas, ferrets and a chicken) and the best secondhand bookshop I've ever been in. I had to really control myself so as not to carry home an extra 20kg of book luggage.

Sherryl said...

Peter - maybe not a wallaby, but I could rustle up a small wombat perhaps!