Monday, June 28, 2010

Now I Am Bigger

Today - Monday 28 June - is a pretty amazing day for me. Two of my books are being released on the same day! As tomorrow I'm having a celebration for Now I Am Bigger, I thought I'd highlight this book today, and One Perfect Pirouette in a couple of days (it's being launched after the school holidays).

This is what the back cover of Now I Am Bigger says:

Now I Am Bigger captures all the excitement and wonder of a small child's world, when every day brings something new – new teeth, new words, new shoes, new bed – and every little change is very, very BIG.

And this is from the Penguin website (who distribute the book):

When you're very little, time doesn't mean anything. What is an hour? A day? Are we there yet? Time is measured in growing, and in accomplishing new things like walking and growing teeth and eating by yourself, and most exciting of all, discovering the power of words and learning to talk. So much of little kids lives is about is now - 'I can wear real shoes now with laces'. I wanted to try and capture their world, where everything, almost every day, is new. It's a very busy, intense and wonderful time!

It's a picture book, with beautiful illustrations by Nina Rycroft, published by Working Title Press. Working with Jane Covernton and Nina was a great experience, with a beautiful result. The story in the picture book is told in poems. It takes a child from birth to around age three - that time when you move from your cot into your first big bed (remember?)! The poems work on sound and rhythm, rather than rhyme, and I love to read them aloud.
In fact, tomorrow I'll be doing exactly that, at Story Time at my local public library. I'll be faced with around 20-30 little kids, and it'll be a good test to see if I can keep them enthralled!!
Here's a poem from the book:


who is this?
not my mummy
she isn’t furry

who is this?
not my daddy
he doesn’t have
a wet black nose

who is this?
not Grandma
she doesn’t bark

who is this?
not Grandpa
he doesn’t lick

who is this?
this is Dog
furry, wet-nosed
barking, licking

hello, Dog!

Also this week, Dee White is featuring me on the Boomerang Book Capers blog - it's a busy week indeed.


Anonymous said...

Love the new look Sherryl.

Cheers Karla

Sherryl said...
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Sherryl said...

Thanks, Karla. It's great to see the book come to life through the illustrator's wonderful pictures.