Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brisbane Writers' Festival Photos

The first online session - talking to six schools at once from all over Queensland.
My Thursday session in the red marquee - the woman on the right is the Auslan interpreter, and now I know how to say tutu in Auslan!

Same session at question time - it was amazing. 300+ kids and nearly all of them had a question. Sorry to those that we didn't get to, but it was wonderful to see such enthusiasm. As I said before, the primary school kids added a real energy to the schools days.
What every author loves to see - piles of your books on a special stand in the shop! This is Mary Ryan's Bookshop at Bulimba - many thanks to all the bookshops that hosted me on Saturday.


Tristan Bancks said...

Hey Sherryl

Thanks for the research / organisation tips at Bris Writers Fest. And the interesting pirate facts. The boys are loving 'The Littlest Pirate'. And I agree that having primary schoolers at a fest really gives it some juice and energy. They were the best audiences.

Hope it's a good Wednesday.


Sherryl said...

Hi Tristan,
Glad you found the book OK (I'm assuming you did!).
Some of my online students are discussing Nit Boy at the moment - makes my head itchy!

Tristan Bancks said...

Hi Sherryl

Yes, we found the book!

That's great that the students are discussing Nit Boy (I think?).

I'm blogging over at the State Lib of Vic's for a couple of months and I wondered if you'd be interested in doing a mini-interview on pirates, seeing as modern-day pirates are in the news right now.

Do you have any upcoming pirate book releases? Otherwise, love to talk about those you have out now.