Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movie Week

I haven't been to the movies for quite a while, partly because the last time I went, I paid $16.50 for something that I now can't even remember what it was! At least if I've paid for a book, it's there on my shelf to remind me, although these days it has to be something I really want to keep before I'll pay out the $$. Trade paperbacks in Australia now are up around $36-38, so if I buy anything, it'll be when it's on discount. I'm regularly at the library at the moment, feeding my holiday reading habit. But also this week, I saw three movies - a record.

I chose to see The Tale of Despereaux first, because I'd loved the book. But it was also quite a while since I'd read it, so I had forgotten a lot of the story (I hate knowing what is going to happen next). I thought this was a great kid's movie, and had lots of funny lines - plus Despereaux was a very cute mouse, and a very clever protagonist.

Did I choose to see Underworld III: Rise of the Lycans? No. But it was my husband's birthday and so we went along in a group. Everyone, bar me, had seen the other two Underworld movies and were fans. I had a coffee beforehand to help me stay awake, which I didn't really need because the sound was so loud that I had to put wads of tissue paper in my ears. All I can say about this movie is it was mildly interesting to analyse the mythical story elements in it (distinct shades of Robin Hood, for example), and my husband enjoyed it.

Gran Turino? I loved it. I wasn't sure what it was going to be at the beginning, but as the story unfolded, the character of Walt grew and the layers revealed themselves. The other characters were also interesting - not stereotypes - and the story kept surprising me right to the end (no spoilers here). Clint Eastwood does this kind of movie so well, creating a character who is right in your face, but at the same time forcing you to constantly re-think your assumptions. And after you've watched the whole thing, you're still thinking days later. That's the kind of movie I like.

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Kristi Holl said...

I loved the Tale of Despereaux too. Loved the book first as well. It's one of the few movies I've paid full price for in a long time. Usually I wait till they get to the Dollar Theater here so if it's a bomb, I only wasted a buck. (I can also walk out if it's awful.) After Christmas I got ten MG novels for ten dollars at a Half Price books clearance--all Newbery or Honor books I've wanted to read. Only when I've read one that really moves me do I go and buy the hardcover. The economy has made me cheap--but it won't stop me from reading! 8-) I'll have to try the Clint Eastwood show when it gets to the Dollar Theater in a few weeks!
Kristi Holl
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