Monday, October 20, 2008

Editor/Publishing Insight

Quick post to direct you to this interview with Chuck Adams - one of the most insightful interviews I've read in a long time about what it's like to be an editor with both a large and small publisher, and some inside thoughts about the publishing industry.


Kristi Holl said...

Thanks for pointing us to this interview. Weren't you blown away by this part?
"Mary Higgins Clark is a dream to work with, one of the nicest people in the world, and I think an extremely talented writer, because she's a great storyteller, and I put storytelling ability above fine writing. When she was starting on a book, she and Michael and I would meet, usually for dinner. She would say what the idea was, and then Michael would spin this whole thing. She'd take that and run with it and do her own thing, but Michael helped her come up with the direction. Then I would go in and line edit the book."

Imagine having that kind of help!!
Kristi Holl
Writer's First Aid blog

Sherryl said...

I was really interested in his comments on the differences, for an author, between big and small publishers. We've heard that before, but he explains it in such detail, and I think he makes some very useful points about it all.