Friday, September 07, 2007

The Super-Human Writer:

* can stay up until 3am every night for weeks to finish that novel
* leaps tall library stacks in a single bound
* can find any book in the library catalogue, and then on the shelf
* never gets depressed or down-hearted, never starts wondering about that job advertised at Pizza Hut
* makes paper aeroplanes out of rejection letters and flings them into the air, laughing
* writes short stories regularly, just as a mental break from novels, and gets them published
* manages every other aspect of life so it never infringes on writing time
* manages family so they never infringe on writing time (and are never resentful)
* networks effortlessly and never puts foot into mouth
* loves rewriting and is an excellent self-editor
* is a super-fast reader and gets through 3-4 books a week
* writes poems as well and also gets them published
* is invited to speak at festivals and conferences and has the audience rolling in the aisles with laughter as well as marvelling at the intelligent, inspiring speeches
* loves to celebrate achievements with champagne but never gets a hangover
* never suffers from blurry eyesight
* has a regular blog that is intelligent, witty and often-quoted
* is spectacularly photogenic so that all author photos look glamorous, gorgeous and natural.

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Tracey said...

Are you going to do the opposite as well?