Thursday, July 12, 2007

Crime stuff

News about our own Peter Temple (crime writer, lives in Ballarat, writes great crime novels):

"Ballarat-based author, Peter Temple, has won the most prestigious award for crime fiction in the world. Held in London, the Duncan Lawrie Dagger comes with a healthy $47 000 cheque, also the world’s largest prize in this category.

"Formerly known as the Golden Dagger, past winners include literary giants John le Carré, Ian Rankin, and Patricia Cornwell. Peter Temple has made a habit of winning praise; the South African-born writer has captured four Ned Kelly awards for best Australian crime fiction.

"Short-listed against well-known writers James Lee Burke, Gillian Flynn, and Giles Blunt, Temple thought his chances of winning were slim. "It’s fairly difficult. You’re up against writers from all around the world, but it’s terrific to win," said the modest prize-winner. "They preserve absolute secrecy on the winner, and I never had any idea I’d win." (from ABC website)

Now this is my bit: "The Broken Shore" is a great read. Complex, deep, and doing what I talked about a day or so ago - it integrates social and racial and small town issues seamlessly into an engrossing story.

Wish I was feeling that positive about the new Michael Connelly, "The Overlook". Started it last night and after four chapters, was feeling an enormous sense of dread. Surely Connelly hasn't fallen victim to the horrible "get another book out as soon as possible even if it's crap" syndrome? "The Overlook" did appear to be a bit slender, with lots of extra leading/white space inside. I do hope not...

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