Friday, October 20, 2006

Rebus and Rankin

If you like Ian Rankin's Rebus crime novels, try this site:
(You might have to add the ?# yourself - it won't go in the URL here). There's a little video of Rankin plugging his new book, but what is much more interesting (especially for writers and long-time readers of Rebus) is an audio recording of Rankin talking about his first Rebus book "Knots and Crosses" and how it was written. I especially liked how he talks about his writer's diary.
I've tried to get students to write a reflective writer's diary - it's interesting to hear Rankin relate what he wrote in his back then.

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Snail said...

Thanks for the link. I love listening to (some) authors talking about their writing. ABC Radio National's Book Program has some winners, as does the BBC's Open Book and Book Club.

So much to discover!