Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Reader is gone

Apparently Google Reader (and receiving your most-read blog posts using that feed option) is gone, which a lot of people won't be happy about. The news came to me from Copyblogger, which I receive via email.

So I have taken the RSS feed widget off this blog, and replaced it with the "subscribe by Email" widget - it just means the posts from here will come to you via email rather than you reading them in your (no longer existing) Reader. If you really want to continue with RSS, the hot app for reading blogs now is Feedly. The information I have says you can move everything across from Google Reader to Feedly by using the same log in.

Over to you. Hope you'll stick with me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherryl

But you'll need to put your RSS widget back on so we can import the feed into a new reader. Pretty please? I'd much rather get blog updates via RSS than via email, surely I'm not alone in this?


Sherryl said...

Aha, see that bit wasn't explained in the blog post I read! I will put it back right now.

Snail said...

I don't think it disappears until 1 July, so we've still got some time to work it all out.

It might take me that long...

(Also, Blogger seems to be misbehaving tonight.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Now it will get moved over to my new reader :-)