Friday, December 03, 2010

Writing in Hong Kong and Shanghai

Where you go in Shanghai if you want a novel!
Wen Chang, the Chinese god of Literature (this is from the Temple of the City God in Shanghai).
The ultimate window display - a pair of shoes that should come with the warning - Do Not Drink and Attempt to Walk.

Yes, I've been away. Mostly in Hong Kong, but also in China, where I discovered that I couldn't log in to either FB or Blogger. So I had to spend my time going out and visiting some amazing places instead (I'm trying to be apologetic...).
But while I was away, I did manage to finally get to the 50 big ones in NaNoWriMo. It did mean not watching TV the whole time I was in Hong Kong, but as 99% of the channels were in Chinese, I guess it wasn't so hard!
All right, I lie. It nearly did me in, but it's the first time I've finished as a winner and even thought I know I have to throw this novel away and start it again, I've learned a huge amount about what not to put in the story!


Lorraine said...

Well done, Sherryl. Quite an achievement. Great photos. Can't wait to see the other 797.

Tyler Worgan said...
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Tyler Worgan said...

I am glad I found you post, as I am writing on Hong Kong and these pictures give me a new topic to write about. Will look forward for your next post soon.


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Rose Blackpink said...
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