Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post 499 - Creativity

Good gracious, I just realised that this is Post No. 499. I had better make sure No. 500 is a darned good one! Thank goodness it's 499 today, as my brain is struggling. We are in workshopping mode in class; consequently I have workshopped 17 picture book texts in the past week, marked 15 assignments on myths and am getting ready for the final onslaught. Another 50+ assignments to mark in about 9 days. No wonder I won't be writing for a while.

I've been pondering over the brain power question. And reading a great book on creativity, which I'll save for Post 500 perhaps. Is our creativity limited? Or is it actually boundless, living somewhere inside our head, and the problem is that we don't know how to manage it or release it properly? I make it sound like a caged creature, don't I?

But sometimes it feels like that. It feels like a tiger behind bars inside my head, growling and snarling because in front of the bars is a pile of "other work" so high that all I can hear is a faint whine. Or all I let myself hear is the whine, because to acknowledge the tiger is pacing the cage and getting extremely angry is a bit risky to my mental calm. So I toss a leg of lamb over the pile of work and hope that keeps the tiger quiet until I can let her out.

Yes, I probably need to leave this metaphor well alone, and get back to the "other work". The sooner it's conquered, the better. Then it's me and the tiger, off to the mountains, or the beach, or the wild blue yonder...

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Lorraine said...

Oh, Sherryl, how I can relate to the 'other work' - really the most important work for our sense of fulfilment - being a faint whine. Yet here it is, June next week and very little to show in the writing field for the past five months.
Making June 1 the target to definitely get under way with writing, I find there is another significant birthday lunch celebration on that day, not mine this time, but one I cannot miss. So there's another day gone.
I'm adament that I'm letting out that tiger snarling behind bars on Tuesday, June 2, and she can go on a rampage. Hope you can let yours out soon.