Sunday, November 02, 2008

Still Learning...

It's been quite a week. I have worked every day on the course, and subsequently my current novel (applying the various bits to the work in progress), and am quite astounded at what I am seeing. There are times when I truly think "Why was I writing like that? It is awful! Why couldn't I see what was missing?"
Ah, grasshopper (as Mr C would say), that's because it is far easier to see what is wrong in front of you than work out what is not there. Obvious mistakes are easy to fix. Gaps, holes, missing links, shallow characters - they're not so easy because in your head, they are there. It's just that you have to learn to see they're not yet on the page.

After 20 years of writing, you'd think I'd know that. And I do. But I had got out of the habit of being able to pick it up. Not sure why. Something more to think about. But I am now on Chapter 3 of my current novel - the coloured markers have been getting a thorough workout, and I can see every day how the words on the page are getting stronger. After the mark-up, I then have to rewrite.

As for Mr C - better known as Craig Harper - today was the day for the Renovate Your Life workshop. It's going to take me a few days to digest it all. I will come back when I've got it all sorted through in the mental intake and filing system. Suffice to say, when I came home, I ate, and then I got stuck into the study and marking up of my novel. The painting of my door frames didn't happen. Priorities, grasshopper, priorities.


Anonymous said...

Priorities or passions? Or does one equal the other?

Sherryl said...

I think often our passions are "de-prioritised" because other people in our lives see them as hobbies or time-wasting things (because they often don't produce much money).
I always remember Joseph Campbell talking about how important it was to follow your bliss. That's what makes us who we are, not the 9-5 or the pay packet.
If your passion is your priority, it can take you to your dream (that's my bit of philosophy for the day!)

Kristi Holl said...

Sounds like the writing course has been worth every penny you paid for it--and then some! Isn't it exciting to see your writing grow and change? And yes, passions have to be priorities, or they get pushed out by the "tyranny of the urgent."