Saturday, November 29, 2008

Carrie Chau Christmas Display

If you click on this, you will see a strange being with a small child in its mouth. Somehow that appealed to my children's writer self. There was another one outside.
The past couple of times I have been in Hong Kong when the Christmas displays start going up, I've seen mostly huge amounts of silver and red. I think one year there were massive three metre high poinsettias out of silver and red - maybe fibreglass? This year, at Times Square, was a display by Carrie Chau called Indigo Child. I've heard all the stuff about indigo children before, but this exhibition moved a really long way from fluffy, cute Christmas stuff!

Some figures (statues? they were very solid, possibly concrete) carried hatchets and had one sharp fang protruding from a smiling mouth. All were quite bizarre in some way, but really worth looking closely at for small touches. The prints and T shirts inside were tame by comparison, but I did like the lamp shades. And the two "beasts" with children in their mouths...

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