Friday, January 27, 2006

'The Book Thief'. Hmmmm. I think I am about halfway on it. I love the narrator (Death), I love the little device (headings and 'pronouncements'), I like the flow, the setting ... but I don't feel close to or intensely interested in any of the characters, not even the book thief herself. So I read a little more every night, but it has not been one of those books that I couldn't put down. But I would still recommend it because it is really well-written and I think my response is subjective. More comments when I finish it (and it's a large book).
In the meantime I am still reading writing books for my classes this year. At the moment it's the one on short story writing by Damon Knight. Lots of good advice. I have about 6 to go, but there aren't many that focus just on short fiction.
No writing. I am resting and becoming good friends with my new air conditioner (because it's very hot here at the moment) and hoping the bush fires get put out really soon.

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Lee said...

Interesting. What do you mean by well-written? I often find his metaphors inept and forced, even trite: 'eyes the colour of agony'! Only one of many examples. And figurative language ought not be used like a pepper mill - oh yes, nothing yet on this page, time to grind and sprinkle.

However, I certainly don't mean to imply that there's nothing to appreciate in Zusak's work.